Edinburgh Skip Hire – A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Edinburgh Skip hire is an efficient way of handling waste products in an eco-friendly manner. A reliable skip hire service in Edinburgh should also be a responsible environmentalist. The company should care about the environment and go that extra mile to reduce the adverse impact on the ecosystem. Once the skip bin arrives at the depot, the company should grade the content into suitable categories before sending the majority to a recycling plant. More than 80% of the collected waste is recyclable. Make sure you work with a skip hire company that cares about the environment.

Eco-friendly skip collection

The collection process starts with marking out a designated area where the skip lorry will arrive. It is important that you ensure the refuse is graded into suitable categories before it is allowed to leave the depot. This will save you time and money as you will not have to mark out the skip area each time a new load of rubbish arrives. This is also the place from where the refuse will be sorted by size, type and collected by the collection vehicles.

The recycling process is also a little more complicated than what you might be picturing. The refuse has to be sorted by size, from where it will be sorted into other materials and finally what sort of treatment will be applied to it to recover as much material as possible. Skip lorries can handle a lot of refuse and recycling material simultaneously.

When it comes to recycling, make sure you get approval from your skip hire company before dismantling the material. This is to ensure you recycle as much material as possible to maximize the recovery of material. The best recycling method is to separate the refuse from the recyclables. Then sorting plants can operate in parallel, collecting the recycled materials and emptying the refuse bins at regular intervals. If possible, the recyclable materials should be stacked and transported separately to minimise transport time and transportation costs.

All of the above is about taking the shortest path to minimise your costs. Make sure the refuse is collected in the most efficient way possible. Remember you do not need to pay for the collection service each time a waste vehicle arrives, with the exception of what local councils charge you for collection. Make sure the skip hire companies are operating in an efficient manner and don’t have any penalties or restrictions put on them, because the more vehicles that arrive, the more delays you’ll experience. Never pay for a loading or collection in excess of the scheduled time.

As well as loading and collection facilities, skip hire companies offer other services, including collection at your home, picket protection and on-site servicing.

* Personalised refuse collection – if you have a personal refuse collection, skip hire companies can also collect from your home. If you have many refuse collections, skip hire companies can also provide the right skip for you, based on your refuse collection times.

* Picket protection – for commercial properties, skip hire companies can provide picket protection on the day they hire the vehicle. You may even need more than one vehicle for picket protection.

* Services for loading – load replacement and loading assistance.

Don’t be tempted to purchase skip hire vehicles that aren’t specifically for use in residential areas. If you can install the vehicle yourself, it’s much cheaper than hiring a picket protection vehicle, and you can simply drive out and use the skip if you’re in a situation where the refuse vehicles won’t come, and you can’t leave the refuse collection until later.

If you’re getting skip hire vehicles from an Edinburgh skip hire company, make sure you ask whether they can load refuse. See if they offer replacement skip or loading assistance. See if they offer you the option of either arranging your own loading or taking the skip home.

The most important thing when you’re shopping for skip hire vehicles is to be very cautious when you’re purchasing those that offer loading assistance. Many companies are keen to suggest that you select one that can load refuse, but it’s important to ask questions about the level of assistance they provide. Some companies may provide assistance to load any vehicle, while others only offer assistance to their own vehicles. Don’t be tempted to purchase a skip hire vehicle that can only load refuse, because there are many other models that can load any vehicle, and there are other other companies that can provide assistance to load that skip hire vehicle.

Don’t ever be tempted to purchase vehicles that are lightweight, either. Some skip hire vehicles can be purchased with trailers, heavy duty vehicles, or with even trailers and skips. So if you have a heavy refuse vehicle, and you want to use it for example as a load assistance or a trailer hitch, make sure you consider purchasing a heavier duty skip hire vehicle. These heavy duty vehicles can take up the slack in load situations when the light weight skip hire vehicle is unavailable.

If you’re looking for a vehicle to haul your refuse, you should look for a van, and skip hire vehicles that are suitable should be operated by someone with a commercial driver’s license. Make sure you ask the company about the commercial driving licence, as a skip hire vehicle is more than likely to be very expensive, but if you ask the right questions, you may be able to find a skip hire vehicle at a very low cost.

The last thing you need to consider is the vehicle’s appearance. An unattractive vehicle is probably not going to be very useful when you need it. You need to ask the skip hire vehicle company about their policies, and whether they allow use of the vehicle when the company doesn’t have an employee in the vehicle, or whether they allow you to drive your own vehicle whilst in the vehicle. Remember, you should also ask whether they provide you with insurance cover. There are some skip hire vehicles that are made to look like they have been used by children, so it’s important to know that there will be no liability for any accidents. You should also ask whether they provide you with free roadside assistance. Ask how much insurance they provide and how long you can claim cover.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing a skip hire vehicle, remember that a little research on the internet can go a long way. Skip hire vehicles have a purpose and it’s important that you determine exactly what it is that you need from your skip hire vehicle. Some vehicles will do the job perfectly well, but remember that you should always ask questions. A little information can go a long way. Also, get a copy of your rental agreement and make sure that you sign it.

Finally, take some time to plan out exactly what you’ll be doing with the skip hire vehicle. Don’t forget to consider the best spot for it in your garden, because you’re going to need it again.