Things to know about Skip Hire in West Lothian

Are you looking for skip hire in West Lothian? Here are some important questions to consider before you begin calling up potential skip hire companies.

How do I find a qualified skip company?

You can always begin your search on the Internet. Simply specify your location in your search query (e.g.,Skip Hire in West Lothian ). You will soon be served with a comprehensive list of all the skip contractors registered with your local council.

Of course, the easiest way will be to note the names and numbers you will see printed on the skips in your area. By law, all skips are required to bear this information. The most common name and number is often the busiest company and typically the best option.

What Skip Size should I Hire?

First, consider how much waste you will be disposing of. The most common size is the ‘builder’s skip’ this is the typical skip you will see around town and the most common size is measured in cubic yards. The most common sizes are between 6 and 8 cubic yards. Be sure you consider your needs exactly and leave a small bit of extra room — an over loaded skip can cost more.

How long can I hire a skip for?

You will find different time frames from different contractors, but most will come around to collect their skip within a week. Of course, you can make arrangements with them personally. It will be very important to consider parking suspensions and skip permits in effect in your local area. Overstaying the time allotted can be costly.

Are there any access issues for skip lorries?

An average skip lorry will be 9 ft. Wide and some will be larger. They can also weight well over 7 tonnes. Consider the weight and girth when you are choosing a location for your skip. It will need sturdy ground and enough room to maneuver. There is also a chance the skip can be parked on the side of the nearest road.